In a building, a fire hydrant system is a safety measure or emergency equipment required in some buildings that comprises a series of components that when assembled together provide a source of water to assist fire authorities in a fire. Putting it another way, a fire hydrant system is a water supply with sufficient pressure and flow delivered through pipes throughout a building to strategically located network of valves for fire-fighting purposes. In some circumstances, water from a reticulated fire hydrant system can also be shared with other safety measures such as automatic fire sprinkler systems or fire hose reels.

Fire Hydrant Equipments Are As Below

Angle Hose Valve

Single Jacket Fire Hose consists of plain-woven synthetic and TPU linings. The warp is made by high strength polyester staple & the weft is high strength polyester filament with low elongation, plain or twill woven.

Lay-Flat Fire Hose

Angle Hose Valve is constructed with brass & hand wheel from Ductile Iron. It is UL listed & manufactured following UL 668 & as per NFPA 13. Angle Hose Valve is mostly used in Fire Protection Service outlet or a hose rack assembly.

Spray/Fog Nozzle

Industrial fog nozzles are made of cast bronze, manufactured following UL401 to handle the rigors of industrial needs and using that water flow can be controlled from shut-off to adjustable fog, straight-stream.

Fire Hose Cabinet

Fire Hose cabinets are made with high-quality M.S. Sheet with powder coating. It is used in the Fire Hydrant & Protection system to protect & adopt Hydrant accessories such as Fire Hose, Nozzles, Hose Angle Valves, Hose Rack

Breeching Inlet

Breeching Inlets give the fire department the capability of supplying the necessary water to the automatic sprinkler or standpipe system at a sufficient pressure without pressurizing the underground supply.

Fire Hydrant

Two Way Fire (Pillar) Hydrants are Wet-barrel fire hydrants with two valve openings above the ground line. Made according to BS750 Standard for use in water-supply service outdoor areas where the climate is mild and freezing

Ball Valve

Ball valve is a kind of quarter-turn valve, and it uses a hollow and pivoting ball to control flow. It is open when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and closed when it is pivoted 90-degree by the valve handle.

Oblique Landing Valve

Oblique Landing Valve is made by brass which is used for Fire Hydrant System at internal & external places on a wet riser with permanently charged water from a pressurized system of water supply.

Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reels are designed and manufactured in manual versions with LPCB approved compliance of BS EN 671-1:2012 with semi-rigid hose complying with BS EN 694:2014 standards.

Fire Hose Rack

Fire Hose Pin Rack is a semi-automatic pin rack which is used with movable pins and an automatic release mechanism that keeps water out of the hose until the last fold is removed. This Fire hose pin rack is built to fit the Fire

Fire Hose Rack Nipple

Rack Nipple is a cast brass enchantment nipple connector fitment, a fire hydrant adapter that has male NST threads on one side & male hose thread on the other side. It is used to connect the fire hose on one end & the

Branch Pipe

Lever Operated Jet-Spray Nozzle is a selectable gallonage branch pipe nozzle made from Aluminium Alloy and PVC which lightweight compact design makes it easier for firefighters to use and creates less torque from